Amber Lanese

Hello, I'm Amber

Amber J Lanese
Visual Storyteller
I’m a Visual Storyteller who recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a BSD in Visual Communication Design (Spring 2021). Design fuels a passion within me to better help people interact with the world around them. I fuel each of my designs by grounding myself in the experience one has when one interacts with my work. I use this to build the structure of my design by what is most hierarchically important. At my core, I am a strategist and a storyteller. Left-handed and a Virgo, I’m an avid reader, artist, craft maker, loving plant mother, creative writer, and tea enthusiast.

Why Design?

At my core, I am a creative. At a young age I drew and crafted little things all the time. From making necklaces, paintings and mixed media art, to making my own “made up creature” cards, I am at my happiest when I am creating. I believe that my creativity is my superpower, as it has caused me to see the world differently, and to solve problems in a way that helps. I am an organized person because of my creativity, and I am strong with visual hierarchy and information architecture due to it as well. I chose design because it allows me to tap into that creativity and give it purpose; to use it as a driver to change the world through creating visual experiences that help people.

My Life Passions

Because there is a human behind every design you see; often my passions ignite me. Here are a few of my favorites:

+ Houseplants
+ Reading
+ All Things Zero Waste
+ Working Out
+ Cooking

+ Thrifting
+ Creative Writing
+ Exploring Nature
+ Crafting
+ Drawing

Needlepoint embroidery, creative exploration
Rhodesian Rigeback mixed dog
Prayer plant
Boho apartment with tropical plants
Rattan basket with tropical plant
Logo sketches

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