Leaf App

How can readers enjoy discovering books as much as they enjoy discovering the content within them?

Leaf App

UIUX, Branding, Social Media, Motion

Leaf is an app that helps readers enjoy discovering books online, with a digital search experience that is personable, customizable, informative, and fun. The brand strategy is meant to create a sense of trust, friendliness, and community. With strong brand visuals, copywriting, and a social media presence, Leaf is more than just an app to find books; it is a space where the reader community can go to connect and belong.


Designer Statement

Through my research, I found that there are levels to the amount of information one wants to know when looking for their next good read. Causing me to base Leaf on layering levels of information to collapse and expand depending on the type of book searcher you are. I had fun visually designing this app while also thinking of the functionality and interactions. Once complete, I took an extra course called Research Distinction, where I developed a social media strategy for Leaf. I genuinely loved strategizing and creating posts that boost organic social engagement with the app and its followers. (See the PDF below for more).


Applications Used

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Documentation Books

Leaf Final Book PDF
Spring Semester 2021
Research Distinction PDF
Spring Semester 2021