Social Media for Social Change

How can millions of people make a difference in the world through an app that already exists?

Social Media for Social Change

UIUX, Design Research

Social media for social change was a group research project that focused on how Instagram, a digital space, could be designed to promote physical actions (within the world) to create real and lasting change. The end product was an added feature called pledging on Instagram (indicated by a star icon), which prompts users to agree to take part in an act of change and to post about it in one shared digital space.


Designer Statement

SMxSC was my first real dive into design research. Our group was required to come up with a research plan and implement that plan, then analyze and map the data to deliver design criteria. We took the project a step past the requirements by building out a solution from our findings. In my team, I was responsible for taking my groups final sketched storyboard idea, (bottom right/last photo), and building out the instagram prototype of that solution via Adobe XD.


Applications Used

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