How can a Brand’s Identity be a visual tool used to tell a story?


Branding, Motion, Print, Web

Sprig is a subscription box company that teaches consumers how to plant, grow, nurture, harvest, and use herbs. This project focused on creating the brand identity for Sprig. The final result is a mark that evokes the idea of becoming one with nature, with a supporting icon set that represents a visual storyboard of activating herbs into one's daily routine.

Sprig logo concept
Sprig animated logo concept
Sprig animated logo concept
Sprig animation
Gardening picks with sprig logo
Gardening gloves with sprig logo
Sprig branding stationery
Gardening shirt with sprig logo

Designer Statement

This project focused on looking at identity as a system and an experience. As a designer I honed my skills in iconography and creating brand assets with variation that still felt like a shared system. I learned that branding goes beyond the logo, and can extend into the way a motion graphic unfolds, or to the tone of voice that the written copy has. This project caused me to realize that branding is the benchmark to which the entire design system is built upon, and to have strong branding, a company must evoke the nature of their brand in all mediums.


Applications Used

Procreate LogoIllustrator LogoInDesign LogoPhotoshop logoAfter Effects LogoAdobe XD logo

Documentation Books

Final Documentation Book
Spring Semester 2021
Sticky note image of research findings
Sticky note image of research findings
Sticky note image of research findings